Bride and groom laughing together while hugging during their Pickering waterfront wedding

Wedding photography is so much more than a pretty pose or a happy smile. For me, it’s all about honest heartfelt storytelling. I want to capture the way you felt in that moment when you took your first step down the aisle. I want you to remember how your heart skipped a beat when you said “I do” and how you got those butterflies when you leaned in for that kiss. Documenting the moments you feel most in love with, the emotions, and everything in between – that’s what matters. I’m here to tell your story in a way that brings back all the feels.

Based in Toronto, Ontario but willing to travel anywhere





Silhouette headshot of Jason from Collide Photography on the beach

Your photos should be something unforgettable like a scene from one of your favourite movies that can make you laugh, cry, and smile every time you look at them. This adventure you're on and this story you're creating together, you deserve to look back at it years later and feel the love you feel for each other right now.

That's why I’m really drawn to photos that are filled with emotion and life. Photos that feel candid and personal like some snapshots one of your close friends just happen to catch. You don’t have to perform some wild love dance. There’s no secret tangled pose you have to do either. I'll be right alongside you to help guide you through it - all while capturing those real unscripted little moments.


Bride and groom dancing at Stratus Restaurant in Toronto
Bride and groom holding hands walking during sunset for their La Maquette wedding
First dance with the bride and groom at their Maquette wedding