I'm a big animal lover who can watch dog videos on my phone for hours. But I'll confess, my biggest fear in life is finding a spider in my room right before going to bed, only for it to magically disappear. I can't be the only one right?

And despite shooting photos for a living, I'm actually pretty camera shy. Hence, why I've tried to shrink this photo of myself down to the size of a postage stamp.

When I'm not running away from anything with more than eight legs, I love capturing the little imperfect moments that make us who we are. There's something special about showing people a beautiful side of themselves in photos that they didn't even know was there. To me, every relationship is its own unique story that can't be bottled and bought. And I want to tell these stories in the most beautiful way possible so that I can give my couples something they can cherish and smile about for years to come.

It's gotta be animal telepathy. I mean who wouldn't want a superpower that could communicate with animals? I'm always so curious what my dog is thinking when she looks at me with those beady eyes while tilting her head side to side.

Of course it had to be a 90's show growing up. It aired on the WB and Katie Holmes played one of the leads. Can you guess it?

I miss the good old days when boy bands and girl groups were all the rage. Old school R&B was still a thing and TV shows like One Tree Hill was cool to watch. Bring back the 90's! Except for jorts... those can stay in the 90's.

I'd love to think that I'd be doing something in the creative field either in filmmaking or design. But I also love watching YouTube and back in the day I really wanted to start a channel to make funny skits and short films with my friends. Who knows maybe I'll one day start my career as a content creator.