Big animal lover with an obsession for funny dog videos. My biggest fear in life is finding a spider in my room and then realizing it escaped and is still at large in the same space where I would eventually be sleeping. Oh and this might also come as a surprise but I’m camera shy, which might explain why I tried to make this photo of myself as small as possible.

I prefer being behind the camera and that’s because I love documenting the imperfect moments that come with being… well, just human! Showing people a beautiful part of themselves that they might not be able to see is something special. Relationships especially are unique stories that can’t be bottled and bought and giving couples something they can look on with happy tears ten years from now is a big part of why I love to do this.





Favourite TV Show of All Time

Animal Telepathy Superpower

90's Nostalgia


If I Wasn't Doing Photography

Of course it had to be a 90's show growing up. It aired on the WB and Katie Holmes played one of the leads. Can you guess it?

I'd be either in filmaking, design, or on YouTube creating funny skits. Or maybe I could try my luck at learning some dance moves to land a role as Bieb's next back up dancer.

I miss the good old days of bands, teen dramas and morning cartoons. Lets bring it back! Except for jorts... Those can stay in the 90's.

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