Angela & Andre’s Fun Toronto Engagement Photos

Couple laying on the grass and holding hands in the air during their toronto engagement photos

When it comes to capturing nostalgic and memorable Toronto engagement photos, I have one simple tip and that’s just to have fun with it! Find a place that makes you comfortable where you can be yourselves and be present. Then think of that moment as time spent together, rather than time spent taking photos.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in the details and you find yourself wanting that perfect backdrop and picturesque Pinterest pose you found. But let me just say that some of the best places to take engagement photos in Toronto are the spots that hold a special memory to you two. It could be as simple as the grocery store you go to together or the commute you took on your first date.

So if you’re looking for more advice on how to make your Toronto engagement photos fun, natural, candid, and nostalgic, then you’re in luck. Read some of my go-to tips below!

1. Personal Spots – Remember that cute little coffee shop where you first met and stumbled over your words? Or that park where you talked for hours and shared secrets till late at night? These personal spots add a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your engagement photos. And as I always like to say, the best engagement photo ideas in Toronto are the ones that can tell a great story – your story!

2. First Date Locations – Imagine revisiting the exact spot where sparks first flew between the two of you. Maybe you’re on The same beach where you first met while hanging out with the same group of friends. Or maybe it’s that cozy bar where you saw each other glancing over. And let’s not forget that unforgettable first date where you had you’re first kiss. Taking a trip down memory lane is a sure-fire way to make your Toronto engagement photos feel fun. 

3. City backdrops – Who can resist a great skyline shot? There are so many great spots that have a clear view of the city’s skyline including Toronto Island Park, Polson Pier, Riverdale Park East, and Trillium Park. And Toronto is an absolute treasure trove when it comes to landmarks. From the CN Tower to the Gooderham Building, Toronto City Hall, St. Lawrence Market, and of course the Royal Ontario Museum – all of which make for great engagement photo locations in Toronto.

4. Off the beaten path – We all know that the CN tower is synonymous with Toronto, but that’s not all we have! The city is brimming with hidden gems that often go unnoticed, blending history, and beautiful architecture. Take all of the parks, greenery and Victorian buildings around the University of Toronto for example. There’s also graffiti alley around Kensington market. Or try the Distillery District with its cobblestone streets. And I bet you haven’t heard of the Art Deco inspired R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant where it’s been the location for a number of film productions!

5. Day in the life activities – Try branching out of the typical best engagement photo locations in Toronto to do your engagement session. Opt to capture something that speaks to your story — maybe it’s having you take the streetcar or subway together. You could revisit your dog’s favourite walk path. Or how about hanging out at your go-to dessert shop or donut store, Heck let’s even go grocery shopping! And trust me when I say, there’s so much beauty in the mundane and in your everyday life, even if you don’t think so yourselves.

6. Opt for an activity you love to do together – Your Toronto engagement photos don’t always have to be formal. Plan an activity that you’ll both enjoy, like a boat trip, a hike, or a day by the beach. Or better yet, go on an adventure and do something that you’ve never done before.

7. Embrace the in-between moments – Don’t overlook the magic of those unplanned moments – they’re the ones that may not seem significant at the time, but they can tell your story in a deeper way.

8. Embrace imperfect moments – I know it’s tough! But try not to stress about everything being flawless in your photos. In fact, a little movement can turn a basic shot into something absolutely breathtaking. So, if the wind decides to have a wild dance party with your hair or toss your clothes around, roll with it! You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll love those candid, imperfect moments in your photos.

9. Trust your photographer – You can hire the best Toronto engagement photographer for all the money in the world, but if you don’t trust them and connect with them on a level where you feel comfortable enough to be yourselves, chances are that feeling is going to show in your photos! Just make sure you find someone who you vibe with!

10. Be yourselves – Have fun with it! Embrace those goofy moments. Laugh, be silly together and don’t worry too much about smudging your makeup or ruining that perfect hair of yours. Being present and enjoying the moment is so important and I promise all roads lead to capturing photos that feel authentic. 

When it comes to capturing fun Toronto engagement photos, the key is to let go of perfection and embrace the moments that truly matter to you as a couple. Rather than getting caught up in finding the perfect backdrops or poses, focus on creating a genuine and heartfelt story. Personal spots that hold special memories, revisiting first date locations, venturing off the beaten, and engaging in activities you love together all contribute to making your photos unique and meaningful. Most importantly, be yourselves and have fun throughout the process. Go out there, laugh, be silly, and enjoy every moment.

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