Dundas Peak Hiking Adventures

This was one heck of an adventure for the books. The sun was beaming and the air was thick, so you could image the level of sweat coming off our heads as we got ready for these Hamilton engagement photos at Dundas Peak. As we parked the car and started making our way downhill to the base of the peak, we thought “so far so great!” That was until we started the 98 degrees (no not the boy band) hike up the mountain. I’m not a professional hiker by any means, but that slope felt like a straight vertical climb with a temperature matching that of the Sahara desert. Suddenly we all turned to each other and started laughing about the situation we put ourselves in. “How is it October and still feels like mid summer?!”

We reached the top and slowly walked out to the edge of the peak to soak in the view that surrounded us. This was worth it.. And as Arezou and Nadeem sat together to enjoy the view, I could tell these two sweethearts were made for each other. The genuine smiles and laughs as they held one another were special to only them. And as I sat back capturing all the in-between moments from these two, I felt lucky to be a part of this memorable day. So thank you Arezou and Nadeem for allowing me to come on this adventure with you, it’s a day I wont forget!