Whimsical Royal Botanical Gardens Engagement

If I had to sum up this Royal Botanical Gardens engagement session with one word it would have to be luckiest shoot ever! Okay maybe not one word, but you get the idea.

Back track a few days before our shoot. I check the weather app and lo and behold rain. I get a message from Tiffany saying she’d be bringing clear umbrellas and it’s at this point I could sense her nerves. On the day of our shoot we’re driving down to Burlington together and of course it just had to be raining throughout the ride there. It wasn’t looking good, but I still had hope! As we drove further away from the rain clouds we could see some clear skies up ahead. 15 minutes later we arrived at the start of our Royal Botanical Gardens Engagement shoot and the sun was out shining with no grey cloud in sight.

We ran towards the entrance with bags of clothes and equipment in each hand and as we walked through the hallways and looked around the gardens, we noticed it was a little quiet. A little too quiet… There was literally no one in sight and it felt like the whole place was reserved just for us. What a score! This massive 300 acre garden was all for us. Needless to say we enjoyed every minute of it and explored as much as we could. When it came time to wrap up, we felt several cold rain drops hitting our faces and thought why not make the best of it and use the umbrellas that we brought?! Who would’ve thought that this Royal Botanical Gardens engagement session would end up having a little bit of everything.

If you’re looking for a location that has a variety of places and things to shoot in including an indoor greenhouse, ponds, trails, rock gardens, gazebos, fountains, forests, and lots of florals, then the RBG in Burlington is a great place. Also if you’re looking for some great outdoor wedding venues in the GTA make sure to check out my guide here!

Couple holding hands and walking during their Royal Botanical Gardens engagement shoot
Couple holding hands and walking through the gardens of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton
Couple hanging out on a bench during their royal botanical gardens engagement shoot