Toronto Engagement Photos: Exploring the City’s Best Backdrops

When Katie and Cam reached out to me to take their Toronto engagement photos, I was pretty excited. They were looking to do something in the city and when we got to talking, Cam mentioned that he had keys to a cool rooftop at a nearby condo building. Say no more! I knew from the get-go exploring the city with them was going to be a blast.

Our shoot started in the heart of Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market. And I loved the busy energy of the market since it added a unique charm to the photos. The market itself was a cool backdrop for some fun and spontaneous shots like doing a bit of shopping or walking around to explore the stalls. I was able to capture some of the beautiful mundane things that Cam and Katie do together on the weekends. And I loved that since these kinds of moments with them were super genuine and contributed to the authenticity of these Toronto engagement photos.

Afterwards, we wandered around the Gooderham Building, also known as the Flatiron Building. Its distinct architecture and signature red brick made for the perfect backdrop. It’s a pretty iconic place in the city so I couldn’t resist capturing some candid shots of the two walking hand in hand.

Of course, no engagement shoot in Toronto would be complete without a trip to the rooftops. So we made our way up to one of the city’s best vantage points, and the views were nothing short of breathtaking. There’s something about being up high that makes everything seem more magical which we were lucky enough to snap some unforgettable Toronto engagement photos.

As a wedding and engagement photographer in Toronto, I’m always amazed by the beauty and diversity of this city. Every shoot is different, and I love the challenge of finding unique locations to create special moments. Shooting with Cam and Katie reminded me of just how much there is to explore and discover in this city!