Unique Engagement Photo Locations

I’m sure you’ve already seen them. You google something along the lines of ‘Engagement Photo Locations Toronto’ and your search query is filled with images with couples at Polson Pier, Flatiron Building, The Esplanade, Scarborough Bluffs, etc. These are awesome locations, but if you wanted something a bit different and break away from tradition, I’ve got some ideas to share with you! I know a few of these locations may be out of the city, but sometimes a roadtrip and getaway can turn out to be an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Couple laughing together on a rooftop for their engagement photos in Toronto

Distance from the city: 5 min
If you’re into city vibes, then maybe a private rooftop with a view would be the choice for you. Best of all? These locations are free! You might be asking, how’s that possible? Well, I have a few secret spots that I’m going to share and they are easily accessible. Most of these places are open roof parking garages with one located in Kensington Market and another at St. Lawrence Market. There are also rooftops at Hotels you could visit like the Gladstone Hotel for example, but be weary as these options are most likely pay to enter. Shooting on rooftops with couples is great because it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle, yet you haven’t actually left the city! It’s also so much easier for couples to open up and get intimate because they aren’t being watched by passersby.


Lovt studio rustic 80's interior, one of the most unique engagement photo locations in Toronto

Distance from the city: 5 min
Want something more intimate with just the two of you in a space that feels artsy, minimalistic, and hipsterish (is that even a word?). Or maybe you want something more elegant looking. Try a studio photo shoot. Places like Lovt Studio and Mint Room have so many sets to choose from. You can literally pick anything that suits the vibe you’re going for. All that’s left is to bring your favourite playlist and you’re set!


Couple posing by the doorway as a silhouette at cabin on the 9

Distance from the city: 60 min
This place is genuinely a hidden gem and I was having a difficult time deciding whether I should include this on the list. But Cabinonthe 9 is such a beautiful place I wanted more people to know about it. Nestled inside the woods is this picture perfect little cabin. If you’re looking for a location that is cozy, quiet, and quaint then this is it. Right outside the cabin is this beautiful pond that is stunningly serene. It’s a great escape from the city and of course makes for gorgeous photos. Listed as one of the most romantic places in Ontario from AirBnB, this location does not disappoint.

Scotsdale Farm

Road to Scotsdale Farm listed as a great engagement photo location in Toronto

Distance from the city: 50 min
With all the little nooks and crannies at Scotsdale farm, it would take you hours to explore the whole property. But that’s what makes this place so special. As a heritage site, you’re surrounded by all these rustic elements that make for great photos. If you’re into hiking there’s the Bruce Trail right behind the property too. And don’t get me started on the acres of open fields that we get to frolic in – cue the scene from Sound of Music. Combine that gorgeous golden hour light with the property’s rolling hills and rustic charm and you can’t go wrong.

Dundas Peak & Rattlesnack Point

Intimate couple touching foreheads on top of Dundas peek for their engagement photos in Toronto

Distance from the city: 50 min
For the adventurous type, how does a hike to the top of a mountain sound to you? Well I wouldn’t exactly call Dundas Peek a mountain, but you get the idea! If you’re into something scenic with a beautiful backdrop, then these locations are great alternatives. You could even schedule your shoot during Autumn to catch those beautiful fall colours. Doing any activity together is a great way to capture natural moments. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hiking, but do something that you both love to do together whether that’s cooking, bicycling, or just taking walks.

Ajax Waterfront

Bride and groom looking out to the water at Ajax waterfront.

Distance from the city: 50 min
If you’re drawn to a water and cliff scenery but want to avoid the crowds of people at Scarborough bluffs, Ajax waterfront is a great alternative. What’s great about this place is that they have so many pockets of greenery and little lookout points. The privacy is also nice since you don’t have to worry about onlookers. To top it off they even a beach area that makes for a perfect stroll by the water.

Whispering Springs

Whispering Springs property during summer listed as one of the top engagement photo locations in Toronto

Distance from the city: 90 min
If you love the outdoors, Whispering Springs is an awesome wilderness retreat in Grafton. As a glamping destination this a bit of a trek from the city, but can make for a great couple’s getaway. Their tents are beautifully outfitted to look and feel like luxury rooms at a hotel and the property is picturesque surrounded by forests and ponds. Though I’ve never shot here myself, this is definitely on my bucket list.